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Moonflower Essentials

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that self-care is vital. Entrepreneur May Reign is dedicated to nurturing that mindset with wellness at the forefront of her business, Moonflower Essentials. Located off N.W. 27th Avenue in the Gardens Promenade, the boutique has quickly become a staple for wellness resources in Miami Gardens.

Here you can get homemade goods, like moisturizers made from the highest quality butter and oils. Patrons may also participate in invigorating experiences like unique candle-making classes focused on relaxing the mind and body and encouraging positive mental health. “Candle-making was not only aromatherapeutic,” she said, “it also stimulated a relaxation response that was good for the heart and soul!”

Reign started this venture after using candle-making in her personal life as an escape from the mundane. “I was a single mother when I started this company. I was both broke and broken,” she said. “A Moonflower blooms in the darkness, thus the name of my company.” It soon became a profitable side-hustle, but when she began incorporating other products into her lineup, Reign discovered how beneficial natural wellness is and wanted to bring this game-changing lifestyle to the community more substantially.

The business is the first Black-owned candle bar in the City. “There are candle bars in many affluent neighborhoods, such as Miami Beach and Wynwood. I wanted to create the same experience in my community,” Reign said. Since opening the brick-and-mortar location in July of 2022, Moonflower Essentials has provided Miami Gardens residents, particularly women, with exceptional service and products. Reign herself has also been a stalwart community advocate. Through the business, she has facilitated a team-building candle workshop for Miami Norland’s girls’ basketball team and a Broward College workshop for 52 students that Student Life Advisors said was excellent for the group’s mental health. She is now looking to bring the same experience to seniors as well.

The community can’t get enough of Moonflower Essentials, with one client sharing that the new location functions as a relaxing, safe space to decompress. This client also loved creating a unique fragrance blend during a workshop and attaching her own affirmation to the candle’s label. “Taking time to replenish and relax determines how you show up in the world, which is why I am inspired to introduce women to wellness and self-care,” said Reign. “It is the greatest form of women’s empowerment.”

Reign also hosts a community open mic poetry event called Ink Therapy. The platform went virtual online during the COVID-19 shutdown but is slated for an in-person relaunch, starting with intimate live shows at Moonflower Essentials in November.

Moonflower Essentials is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. The store is also a community vendor and can be spotted as a popup at various events throughout the City. For more information on the boutique or to purchase your products, visit